Welcome to HousewivesHussies!

I'm so excited you landed on my store! Here's a little about me... I'm Paige! I'm located in Canada. I am waaaay too invested in reality TV. If you watch the housewives, we are instantly best friends. If you don't...well..Kardashians maybe??? All jokes aside, I really think these TV shows are a great escape from everyday life. 

For my friends that love and appreciate Bravo as much as I do, I often find myself searching for merch to give them on special occasions. Turns out, quantity and quality here in Canada is low. 

While creating I focus on:
  • High quality
  • Fair prices
  • Beautiful, wearable & comfortable designs
  • And most importantly: something that you will love!
If you have any custom orders you'd like send me a message from my contact page in the footer, or at info@housewiveshussies.com! Let's connect and see what we can do! 
Also- if you want to be friends, and talk all things BravoTV, give me a follow on Insta @HousewivesHussies!
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